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“How to Remember to Forget to Remember the Old War,” Queers Destroy Science Fiction! special issue of Lightspeed, June 2015.

“The Shapes of Us, Translucent to your Eye,” to appear in Journal of Unlikely Academia/Unlikely Story.

“Seven Losses of Na Re” (reprint), Sisters of the Revolution, edited by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer (PM Press).

“Seven Losses of Na Re,” (podcast), to appear in Drabblecast.

These are the roads that loop and entwine me,” Bahamut.

Grandmother-nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds,” (Birdverse novelette), Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

“Geometries of Belonging,” (Birdverse novelette), to appear, Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

“The Book of How to Live,” (Birdverse novelette), to appear, Start a Revolution, ed. Michael Matheson.

“Theories of Pain” (reprint), to appear in The Humanity of Monsters, edited by Michael Matheson (Chizine Press, 2015)

Stalemate” (podcast), in GlitterShip.



A City on its Tentacles,”  Lackington’s Magazine #1 (with art by Galen Dara!)

Giant” (audio reprint), Toasted Cake.

No Longer Lacking an Onion,” Goldfish Grimm 19

Stalemate,” Lackington’s Magazine #4



Teffeu: A Book from the Library at Taarona,” Strange Horizons.

Theories of Pain,” Daily Science Fiction.

“Held Close in Syllables of Light (reprint), in Best of BCS, Year 4.

Las siete pérdidas de Na Re (Spanish Translation of Seven Losses of Na Re) at Cuentos Para Algernon, April 2013.

“Geddarien” (reprint), Journal of Unlikely Architecture.



Seven Losses of Na Re,” Daily Science Fiction (May 2012).



Held close in syllables of light,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies (October 2011)

“Giant,” Not One of Us 45 (October 2011)

A Mother Goes Between,” Jabberwocky 6 (July 2011), honorably mentioned in Best Horror of the Year, ed. Ellen Datlow.



“Geddarien” (reprint): People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Fantasy and Science Fiction, ed. by Rachel Swirsky and Sean Wallace, Prime Books (2010).

Kifli” – Strange Horizons, June 2010

“Imperfect Verse” – GUD Magazine issue 5, Winter 2010



“Geddarien”– Fantasy Magazine, December 2008,  honorably mentioned in the Year’s Best SF, and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction.

“To Find Home Again” – Warrior Wisewoman anthology, June 2008 (Norilana Press).





“Ranra’s Unbalancing,” to appear, Strange Horizons.

“Three Principles of Strong Building,” to appear, Strange Horizons.

“The Rotten Leaf Cantata” (reprint),  Queers Destroy Horror! special issue of Lightspeed.

A Riddler at Market,”  Uncanny.

Long Shadow,” Strange Horizons.

“Love me, Love my Belly,”  Love Me, Love My Belly II, Porkbelly Press.

“Scatter and Return,” Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Archival Testimony Fragments/Minersong,”  Uncanny, issue 2.

“The Three Immigrations” (reprint), How to Live on Other Planets: A Handbook for Aspiring Aliens  (URB Press)



The Law of Germinating Seeds,” Goblin Fruit Fall 2014

“The Mikveh of Past Meanings,” Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History, edited by Claire Trévien and Gareth Prior.

“Peregrinations in Change and Fear,” Poems for the Queer Revolution.

The rivers, the birchgroves, all the receding earth,” Strange Horizons, 4th place, Strange Horizons Readers’ Poll.

Salamander Song,” with music by Emily Jiang, Strange Horizons, 2nd place, Strange Horizons Readers’ Poll.

After the Mistress of the Copper Mountain,” Through the Gate 5.

Earth Map,”  Mythic Delirium

Dualities,” Mythic Delirium, October 2014 Rhysling Award Nominee

Baba Yaga Tries to Donate Money,” Apex

Landwork,Goblin Fruit. Rhysling Award Nominee

The Rotten Leaf Cantata,” Strange Horizons.



The Journeymaker, Climbing,” Goblin Fruit, Winter 2013. Dwarf Stars nominee

The Journeymaker to Keddar,” Goblin Fruit, Winter 2013

לכבוד אַ סטרונע (Lekoved a Strune)“, Through the Gate 2

Bone Shadows,” Interfictions Online, issue 1.

I will show you a single treasure from the treasures of Shah Niyaz,” Goblin Fruit, Summer 2013. Rhysling Award nominee. THIRD PLACE winner in the long poetry category.

Resh,” Through the Gate, 5

Where the ocean falls into itself,” Apex Magazine.



Between the Mountain and the Moon,” Strange Horizons. Rhysling award nominee, and winner of the Strange Horizons Readers Poll. 2013.

A Body that is Bold to Come,” Goblin Fruit, Fall 2012

The Three Immigrations,” Strange Horizons, second place in the Strange Horizons Readers Poll, 2013

“Plucked from the horo”, Mythic Delirium 27

“The Journeymaker in Kestai,” Mythic Delirium 26

If all of her would turn into bees,” Through the Gate 1



Reap the Whirlwind,” Jabberwocky 5

Strong as Salt,” Goblin Fruit Winter 2011

Three Bone Masks“, Goblin Fruit Winter 2011

Kytgy and Kunlelo,” Cabinet des Fees 2011

Thirteen Principles of Faith,” Apex April 2011

The Tenured Faculty Meets to Discuss the Moon’s Campus Visit,” Mythic Delirium 25

If I had reb Yoel’s violin,” inkscrawl #1, honorably mentioned in Best Horror of the Year, ed. Ellen Datlow.

In the Third Cycle,” Strange Horizons  – winner of the Rannu competition, 2011; Rhysling Award nominee, 2012; Winner, Strange Horizons Readers’ Poll, 2012.



“Whale on the Roof,” GUD 6

“Skinning the Slippery Stars,” Star*line March 2010

“Marginalia to Stone Bird,” Labyrinth Inhabitant issue 9

“Fireflies and Thunderstorms,” Mythic Delirium 22

Walrus,” Trapeze Magazine, August 2010, to be reprinted in the Dwarf Stars anthology

Love’s Ecology,” Apex, October 2010

Twin-Born“, Goblin Fruit Fall 2010. Rhysling Award nominee, 2011

“Beastwoman’s Snarled Rune,” Bull Spec 4, Dec 2010


“Burns at Both Ends” – Star*line Jan/Feb ’09. Reprinted in the Dwarf Stars anthology, 2010.

“To a Skylark” – GUD, issue 4, Spring ’09

A Horse From the Merry-Go-Round,” Goblin Fruit, Winter 2009

“Juvaini’s History,” Jabberwocky 4

Godfather Death,” Goblin Fruit Fall ’09, Rhysling Award nominee, 2010.



“The Dragonfeeder’s Lament” – Star*line, March 2008

“Hope” – The Sigurd Journal, June 2008

Odysseus on the War Train” – Abyss & Apex, July 2008.  Rhysling Award nominee, 2009

“Two Births of a Bird Shaman” – Mythic Delirium 19, Fall 2008

“Insomnia” – Goblin Fruit, Fall 2008

“A Living City” – Star*line Nov/Dec 2008

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Rose Lemberg is a queer immigrant from Eastern Europe. Her work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Unlikely Story, Uncanny, and other venues. Rose co-edits Stone Telling, a magazine of boundary-crossing poetry, with Shweta Narayan. She is currently editing a new fiction anthology, An Alphabet of Embers. For a quick taste of Rose's writing, try the Sampler. You can support her work on Patreon.

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