founder and co-editorStone Telling, a magazine of boundary crossing poetry (with Shweta Narayan)

editor, The Moment of Change, an anthology of feminist speculative poetry, Aqueduct Press (May 2012). Buy it through Aqueduct and Amazon; visit my author page at Aqueduct.

“A very impressive anthology of poetry featuring some of the best writers in the field -really an embarrassment of riches.” -Jeff VanderMeer

“Lemberg has managed, in The Moment of Change, to incorporate both a large spectrum of voices all vying for different themes and re-visions—and to create a perfectly coherent whole that sings together, as one.” - Brit Mandelo, Tor.com

“…a stunning treasury of speculative poets…” – Francesca Forrest, Versification

“This is a stunning collection of poetry, of deeply felt, painstakingly crafted expressions of doubt, hope, fear, courage, transformation, transgression, and other emotions and experiences that beg to be given form. More than that, though, it’s also a strong, undeniable collection of voices, all of which make their own individual cases to be heard.” – Adam Mills, Weird Fiction Review

“This anthology is, quite simply, beautiful and transcendent in every sense.” – Belle DiMonté, Cabinet des Fées

editor and publisher, Here, We Cross: a collection of queer and genderfluid poetry from Stone Telling 1-7. Buy it at Amazon.

“Here, We Cross is [...] an engaging, provocative, ambitious collection of queer and genderfluid speculative poetry that I would recommend for any reader who’s hungry for more QUILTBAG narratives.” Brit Mandelo, Tor.com

publisherinkscrawl, a quarterly journal of minimalist speculative poetry edited by Samantha Henderson

ownerStone Bird Press: a press so tiny it is hardly even there!

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