My biggest ongoing project is the Earthkeepers arc, a series of (sometimes loosely) connected stories set in my secondary world, Birdverse. Most, if not all of the stories in the arc take place in the aftermath of an environmental disaster that in the beginning goes all but unnoticed until it rapidly and precariously deteriorates, threatening the land’s very existence. Against this backdrop, installments of the Earthkeepers arc each tell their own stories of political developments and individual lives entangled.

I completed the first novel in the arc, Bridgers. I plan to revise it in 2014; and I hope it finds a home. You can read more about Bridgers in this interview. The second book in the series has gone through many potential titles. It is now tentatively titled Bindings, and it features Ulin, the linguist character from Bridgers, and her antihero younger brother Tajer.

I am also working on a novella, I think, about a very young Tajer and a very old royal personage who likes to run around the desert on stilts. It’s not a humorous story. Predictably, there are birds in it.

I am also still writing poetry, and still adding flash-length pieces to Thirteen Principles of Faith, a collection of surrelaist/magic realist stories and poems with a strong Jewish undercurrent. I have five flash stories and four poems completed for this collection, but I am letting it grow organically, and don’t expect it to become real for a few years yet.

In terms of editing projects, I have founded and am currently co-editing Stone Telling magazine with Shweta Narayan. We publish boundary-crossing, diverse speculative poetry with a strong emotional core. As a part of Stone Telling, I have edited and published Here, We Cross, a collection of queer and genderfluid poetry from Stone Telling 1-7. I have also edited The Moment of Change, a critically acclaimed anthology of speculative feminist poetry that has come out of Aqueduct Press in 2012.

I am hoping to edit an anthology of flash-length surrealist works soonish, but I do not have a date for that yet.

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