Whimsical critters for An Alphabet of Embers

Shortly before we hit goal, I promised to draw cheerful critters for the next 5 backers of An Alphabet of Embers. I have recently discovered the program Artrage, which is a natural media simulator for Tablet computers. I can no longer use natural media due to disability, but e-drawing with Artrage is proving to be relatively pain-free.

I got so excited about these drawings that I made more than 5. Here they are, for your enjoyment. Bidders are listed by their twitter handles or initials for the sake of privacy – if you’d like to be listed by name, ping me and I will be happy to do so 🙂

For @rhiannonrevolts,  who asked for a bird of prey:


A happy osprey carrying a fish

A happy osprey carrying a fish


For Saira Ali, who is a backer and *also* is planning to offer broadsides for AoE as stretch rewards:


Calming polka-dot manatee

Calming polka-dot manatee


For PA, who requested a kitty:

Cat acceptance!

For @scturbull, who got us over the funding threshold:


For Sonya Taaffe, a pair of Russian river fish (prompt was oceanic invertebrates; don’t ask).

A sturgeon and a ruffe
For MTP, an aardvark with a social message:

Not ALL aardvarks

for @coraa, a badger:

For @mangoheroics, who requested a dragon or perhaps an owl:

Never enough owls
And finally, for isanah:

SEAL of approval

One Comment

  1. Lynn says:

    Love these!
    Congratulations on the successful fundraiser.
    Very much looking forward to the journal.

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