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Bogi Takács has a new story, This Shall Serve as a Demarcation, up at Scigentasy. I was a beta reader for it, and I love it. It’s an environmental, post-colonial SF with two non-binary protagonists in a supportive D/s relationship. It’s moving and heartfelt, and I think it’s one of the best pieces of Bogi’s work.

Scigentasy has also published A. Merc Rustad’s How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps, which is an excellent and powerful story about robots, asexuality, relationships, depression, and robots. TW: suicidal ideation.

J.Y. Yang has a beautiful, moving and poignant story at Strange Horizons: Storytelling for the Night Clerk:

The General Archives store a thousand carefully curated individuals born each year, selected at age 45 from what the state says are the different sectors of life. There is an entire department, a prestigious one, dedicated to this yearly selection. The data in the General Archives is needed for reports and scholarly studies, they say, like carefully prepared glass slides, dyed beautiful colours to highlight parts of anatomy. This is a historical record, they say. The Germans have a word for it: zeitgeist. A summation of the times.

Jeff VanderMeer has a name-your-price bundle of New Weird fiction, including such wonderful titles as Leena Krohn’s Tainaron, Karin Tidbeck’s Jagannath, and Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month.

Interfictions Online Indiegogo has just over 30 hours left, and they’re almost to their goal of reaching rates. I love IAF and Interfictions, and hope you can help!

Kitabiyat Press is taking preorders for In Other Words:

Saira Ali and Julia Rios are pleased to announce the table of contents for In Other Words, a chapbook of poetry and flash fiction to benefit Con or Bust. The chapbook will be hand-printed on a nineteenth century letterpress, and includes work from Hugo Award winning and nominated authors.

The full ToC is available at the preorder page, but this book will include work by Stone Telling contributors Nisi Shawl, Emily Jiang, LaShawn Wanak, Sofia Samatar, Amal El-Mohtar, JT Stewart, Lisa M. Bradley, and Yoon Ha Lee, as well as Stone Telling co-editor Shweta Narayan, and other wonderful authors. I had the pleasure of seeing a pre-print PDF for a review which we will run in the next Stone Telling, and the book is wonderful.

A stunning letterpress-printed broadside of Shweta Narayan’s poem Nettle-Stung, along with art by Shweta, is free with all preorders through next week. Honestly, it’s a steal.

And since I cannot not mention the kickstarter for An Alphabet of Embers, at least tangentially: below is the letter S of Embers, by Bogi Takács. Enjoy!


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Rose Lemberg is a queer, bigender immigrant from Eastern Europe and Israel. Their work has appeared in Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Unlikely Story, Uncanny, and other venues, and has been a finalist for the Nebula, Tiptree, Elgin, Rhysling, and Crawford awards.

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