The ToC for How to Live on Other Planets: A Handbook for Aspiring Aliens (aka Immigrant SF) has been released, and it’s a thing of beauty. I am happy to share a ToC with Ken Liu, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Sonya Taaffe, Nisi Shawl, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Bogi Takács, Bryan Thao Worra, Zen Cho, and oh so many brilliant others.

In other news, my poem “I will show you a single treasure from the treasures of Shah Niyaz” has been nominated for the Rhysling award. Thank you to the person who nominated it! I am noting that this is the sixth year in a row that my work’s been Rhysling-nominated, ever since I started publishing poetry; I am grateful to those who nominated me over the years.

The inaugural issue of Lackington’s is going to go live on Thursday, and I heard that my story will be illustrated by Galen Dara. I cannot wait! Behold the cover:


The cover of Lackington's #1
The cover of Lackington’s #1


Finally, the new wave of last year’s SFWA controversy. If you haven’t yet seen this and want to see for yourself, I recommend an entry by Natalie Luhrs. Natalie is on Twitter as @eilatan, and you should follow her there if you are so inclined, because she is awesome. I don’t think I have much to say beyond that, except that I was really, really disappointed to see CJ Cherryh’s signature. I used to own every book of hers. Some of these feet-of-clay moments are more painful than others.

2 thoughts on “A smattering of good news, a whiff of controversy

  1. Bogi Takács says:

    So happy to share a ToC with you! Looking forward to seeing the Lackington’s story in print, having already read it and liked it very much. Curious about the illustration 🙂

  2. Serena says:

    Congrats on the nomination! And wow, really looking forward to How to live on… and your story on Lackington’s, the first contains many of my fav writers (including you, uh, in case that wasn’t obvious already) and the second will also feature art by Galen Dara! 😀

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