I am not around much these days. Life’s been happening.

My short story “A City on its Tentacles” will appear in the inaugural issue of Lackington’s. I might have finally gotten this one right; very happy it found a good home.

My prose poem “Earth Map” will appear in Mythic Delirium.

Apex Magazine 54 is out, with my poem “When the ocean falls into itself“. It is the first love poem I’ve written in over a decade. It is apparently the first poem in a triptych, but the second and third installments in the triptych are private.

Also in this issue of Apex are two much awaited (at least by me) short stories: Bogi Tak√°cs’s “Recordings of a more personal nature” (with notes at eir website) and Keffy Kehrli’s “This is a Ghost Story.” I am looking forward to the rest of the issue as well!

Finally, Cuentos Para Algernon published a virtual anthology of their first year, including the Spanish translation of my story “Seven Losses of Na Re.”

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