Award Eligibility 2016

This is my customary award eligibility post for the year. I did not have as much short pieces out because I was concentrating on longer work, but I am very proud of what I did publish this year.

I have bolded pieces I feel are most deserving of award consideration. Short fiction nominating folks, if you only want to read one thing, please read “The Book of How to Live” (novelette) in BCS Magazine.



Short Story:“The Desert Glassmaker and the Jeweler of Berevyar” (Birdverse short story), Uncanny.

Novelette: “The Book of How to Live,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies (Birdverse novelette). 

“Yes to this story. About work and ability and value in an unequal society, it weaves together magic and mechanics, desire and hope.”  (Quick Sip Reviews)

“Rose Lemberg brings us another moving LGBTQIA fantasy piece set in the Birdverse, the novelette “The Book of How to Live.” Lemberg’s love story follows two strangers who struggle to be accepted in a world ruled by magic users”. (Tangent)



An Alphabet of Embers, ed. Rose Lemberg  – an anthology of unclassifiables, eligible for the Locus award

Lemberg brings their poetic sensibility to one of the most brilliantly arranged TOCs that I’ve yet read, lending an air of beauty and lightness to the entire experience of reading this combined reprint/original anthology. – Karen Burnham, Strange Horizons

Best editor, short form – for An Alphabet of Embers – eligible for the Hugo.

We are always happy to provide review copies of AoE!



Marginalia to Stone Bird (Aqueduct Press, 2016) – debut poetry collection; eligible for the Elgin award. Reviews at Publishers Weekly; LightspeedNerds of a FeatherStrange Horizons

Rose Lemberg’s first collection is a beautifully curated jewel of a book full of colour, longing, and heat. – Amal El-Mohtar, Lightspeed


The Ash Manifesto,”  Strange Horizons. (Short poetry category- Rhysling)

Original poems in Marginalia to Stone Bird:

“Dybbuk Song”

“Speak Love”

“Badgerwoman of the Raspberry Ridge”

“Tarka’s Unsong”

“The Dragon Diptych II: Charovnik”

“An Incantation for the Road”

“Write of Fireflies”

“Wind-Hoarder to the Would-be Poet”

“The Journeymaker to Keddar (II)”

SFPA voters – if you’d like a copy of Marginalia or a file with poems original to Marginalia, please comment or contact me, and I will send it to you.

Thank you very much for considering my work.

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