Award Eligibility 2015

2015 has been a great year for my work.

Prose-wise, I am most proud of the two Birdverse novelettes in BCS. I cannot decide which one I think is more award-worthy, but I feel “Grandmother-nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds” may win for me with a very narrow margin.


Geometries of Belonging,” (Birdverse novelette), Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

“A wonderful portrayal of a society with trans and non-binary people, polyamory, fluid sexuality, and dom-sub relationships.” (Tiptree Award Nomination)

“The prose is blunt and powerful, the narrative compelling, and the worldbuilding both deep and lightly-sketched” – Liz Bourke,

“It’s a beautiful story, and lives and breathes through its characters” – Charles Payseur, Nerds of a Feather

“The magical system is beautifully realized and Lemberg gives “naming” magic a new spin.” – Marion Deeds, Fantasy Literature

“Lemberg overlays strong themes of consent and identity with enjoyably complex  characters and setting, deftly introducing each element in its proper  time.” Michelle Ristuccia, Tangent Online

“… it’s especially worthwhile  reading for anyone who is playing with magic systems and wants to  understand how mind-healing magic and acceptance of neurodiversity could respectfully coexist.” – Ada Hoffmann, Autistic Book Party

Grandmother-nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds,” (Birdverse novelette), Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

“Beautiful telling of many gendered wordings and relationships, with great tenderness.” (Tiptree Award nomination)

“it’s soaked in sensory detail, transporting the reader to the world of  the tale. Overall, it’s lovely on many levels and a wonderful starting  place for Lemberg’s work” (A.C. Wise, Non-Binary Authors to Read)

It’s an incredibly complex story, but it reads with an effortless grace” – Charles Payseur, Nerds of a Feather

“This is a very good case study in how to write autism both respectfully and creatively in a secondary world.” (Ada Hoffmann, Autistic Book Party)

“It resonated a lot with me from the perspective of gender and societal  expectations, but also that of the complexities of family:  disappointment and love and misunderstanding.” (Paige Kimble,


“How to Remember to Forget to Remember the Old War,” Queers Destroy Science Fiction! special issue of Lightspeed, June 2015.

The Shapes of Us, Translucent to your Eye,” Journal of Unlikely Academia/Unlikely Story.

These are the roads that loop and entwine me,” Bahamut (this is a magic realist memoir).



Poetry-wise, I consider my best work of 2015 to be “Long Shadow.” (it may be my strongest work in poetry, ever – but then again, I am biased in favor of epic poems). Runners-up for me are “Ranra’s Unbalancing” and “Archival Testimony Fragments/Minersong.”

Short (under 50 lines):

  • A Riddler at Market,” Uncanny.
  • “Love me, Love my Belly,” Love Me, Love My Belly II, Porkbelly Press.
  • “Scatter and Return,” Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Long (over 50 lines):

If you are a SFPA voter and would like to consider my poetry, please let me know if you’d like to receive a pdf with those poems.