Uncanny, Podcast, and a Birdverse Legend

Today, my poem “Archival Testimony Fragments/minersong” has become available for free in the second issue of Uncanny. I am very happy with this poem, a piece in the Boundless Universe; and it already garnered two positive reviews (that I have seen). Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow writes:

The structure of this poem did, I admit, make me a little nervous at first glance, but my fear that I wouldn’t get it was quickly left behind because whether or not I got the complete message, this felt surprisingly – delightfully! – easy to follow. In fact, I was drawn in remarkably quickly, and I have to say that whether you’re an established fan of poetry or a dabbler like me, this is one you should give your attention to.

Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews writes that it was “a good read with a unique style,” and supplies an insightful analysis of the poem. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s an interesting mix of voices, mostly the ship’s but with the voices from above, as well, the training instructions from the company that owns the planet and the voice of one of the miners who hears the voice calling out and decides to try and respond. In some ways this read to me as a poem about the power of history and workers.

There’s also an Uncanny Podcast with my poem as read by C.S.E. Cooney. I rarely listen to podcasts of my work, but I wanted to listen to this one and, knowing something about Claire’s extraordinary reading abilities, I knew it would be good. Then… I listened to it.

People, omg, if you like my work at all, you HAVE to listen to this one. OMG. What have I done to deserve this? Wow.


These are the moments which make everything worthwhile.

Also in the podcast is Amal El-Mohtar’s “Pockets,” which I love, and which has also become available to read for free today.

In other news, yesterday Birdverse Patreon update was that of the Starcounter of Keshet doodle. I am really fond of this one, and so I am posting it here. (Also, I probably should stop calling them ‘doodles’; they are drawings). This one refers to one of the many versions of the Birdverse creation legend; you can read more on the Patreon page, since this update is free. I’m pleased with my first month of Patreoning (January) – during which I posted 3 paid updates and 4 free updates, as promised. February is going to be the same – 3 paid and 4 free updates. You can get access to all the goodies for as little as 1$ per creation (3$ per month.)


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Rose Lemberg is a queer, bigender immigrant from Eastern Europe and Israel. Their work has appeared in Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Unlikely Story, Uncanny, and other venues, and has been a finalist for the Nebula, Tiptree, Elgin, Rhysling, and Crawford awards.

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